e8dc022c01079b5069c5848fe237b714.pngHumans do not rotate and orbit the earth for a long time. I thought the sun and all the stars revolve around the earth. It is also because the natural thing could not be seen from outside the Earth.


Around the second century, Prolemius observed the movement of the stars and the sun in the sky and thought that all stars and the sun were orbiting around the earth.

This is called the earth-centred theory or the heavenly theory.



However, when looking at the movement of stars through the Celestial Snowfall, some problems arise, such as the "playing parallax" of the stars and the change in the shape of Venus.


The parallax of star performance refers to a phenomenon in which the position of the star changes relatively when looking at the star because the earth moves orbit around the sun.


If you stay still, the parallax in performance cannot be explained by the theory of heaven and earth.


In addition, when Venus is observed, changes in various shapes like the moon appear. According to the Celestial theory, Venus should only be seen in the shape of a crescent or old moon.


In the 16th century, Copernicus first insisted on the theory of geomorphism, and the theory of geomorphism was proved through the telescope of Galileo Gilallaray, and later, Kapler and Newton’s scholars proved that geogeometry was correct.


It took about 1,400 years to change from the theory of heaven to earth.


However, when I hear the story of Galileo Galilei's return to his home after receiving the Inquisition in 1633 for writing a book claiming the theory of geomorphism, I realize how terrifying our human stereotypes are.

If we had still believed in the theory of heaven and earth, the modern civilization of humanity would not have developed as it is now.


If so, what is Yotastar?


Yota (YOTTA) is 1024, which is a prefix defined by the World Physics Society as Yota, and STAR is a star.


So Yotast means countless stars in the universe, countless humans and life, all unique and unique beings that are similar but not identical.

I am the only one in the universe, I cannot be two, and there is no one who has the same face and body shape as me, so the dimensions of my thoughts, tastes and standards of eating food, and even my mind are all different.


So, a healing method that suits you is absolutely necessary.


Yotastar's natural healing method is a new healing method that introduces the concept of spontaneous healing called A SPONTANEOUS CURE, which aims to complete different human bodies and minds, rather than healing in nature.

Would you like to choose the theory of heaven? Or would you choose to do it?


Yotastar is the hope and future of mankind around the world.