There is a similar, but not identical, body in one word, the unique philosophy of the universe.

Spine management

When the normal physiological curvature line is displaced, it develops in the form of side, gyre, posterior, and spinal column.

Spontaneous Healing

The natural healing of Yotastar is spontaneous healing in the sense of Spontaneous Healing, not NATURE.

Body shape

Celebrities, actors, models, idols and other people who are in the current position, such as those who are planning to manage the Yota Star is essential.


Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds for Meditation

Nature Sounds

YotaStar management contents

S line management - management of the collarbone line, chest management, etc.
Bridge management-O, X ndari management, honey buck management, knee management, Ankang leg management
Ankle Care - Ankle, Ankle, Toe Management
Wrist Management - Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, and Finger Care
Pelvic management - left and right heap management, hip volume up, side lift management, lower back only management
Spine management - scoliosis, dysentery, posterior dysplasia, date spinal management
Body management - Tuck management, shoulder management, arm management, hand management
Obesity Management - Neck Obesity, Isometric Exercise, Side Lung Obesity, Abdominal Obesity, Pelvic Obesity
Skin Care - Psoriasis Care, Atopy Care, Allergic Skin Care
Facial Management - Facial Skull Management

Exercise management - Exercise management that fits your changing body

Nutrition management - nutrition that is right for you

Superstar - superstar, sports star, idol professional management
Preliminary Star - Professional management for those dreaming idol or model

Yotasutaru realizes the visual as you want Spontaneous Healing Please experience.


Perfect body

The perfection of Yota Star can not be imitated.



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